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Destination Ibiza and Formentera: Both of these islands have a hippy, liberal flavour, which at the same time contrasts with the typical traditional style offered by its small villages. As the two islands are so close together, geografically speaking, they have a lot in common, but also a lot of differences.
In Ibiza tourism ‘en masse’ has only conquered some parts. There are still a lot of peaceful and rural places around the island.
If you are looking for nightlife, you will find it in Ibiza town and in San Antonio.
    You just have to remember to spend a day at one of the most beautiful ‘calas’(coves) of Ibiza- on the southeastern coast:Ses salinas.
    However, if you want to enjoy the endless number of peaceful, solitary coves with crystalclear water, you will find them all along the whole of the east coast- all the way from Cala d’Hort to Es Cubells.You’ll be able to see some breathtaking coves such as La Lientriscia, El Xano, es Jonal, etc...

    If you sail along the south coast of Ibiza, you’ll have the opportunity to admire a group of islands, being the most important ones Es Vedra and Es Vedranell, which are recognized by the E.E.C. as a special protected area for birds, a great number of which gather there for reproduction.
    If we go to the northwest, we’ll get to the port of Santa Eulalia del Rio which offers shelter from bad weather and where you can find a lot of restaurants, shops and nightlife.
    From here you can do a nice excursion to the island of Tagomago which is a must for those, who are looking for peace and silence.
    We can anchor without problems at the southeast of the island, as the sea is  about 6 meters depth and the ground is sandy and covered with seaweed.
    Continuing towards the north, and after about 28 miles, we’ll reach San Antonio port. During the trip we´ll find different coves to visit like Cala Portinatx, Cala Charraca, Cala Ubarca, Cala San Miguel,etc...
    We can’t sail around the Balear Islands without visiting one of the most beautiful  virgin island of the Spanish coast, Formentera.
    We can get there by sailing for about 28 miles either from San Antonio or Santa Eulalia.
    If we sail from San Antonio, we’ll sail by Conejera Island, where we will find two nice places, where we can drop anchor and relax.
Once we get to Formentera, we’ll enjoy a whole load of beaches where the water is practically turquoise and the sand is clean.
    One of the best places to anchor the boat is the island of Espalmador. It’s joined to La Marina de Formentera – also known as La Sabina- by about two miles of white sand and crystalclear water.

map of Ibiza and Formentera        map of Balears